5 Hacks on Preparing your Luggage for Delivery

Traveling is an awesome adventure. Going from one place to another, meeting awesome people, and exploring the road less travelled is definitely part of the itinerary. But before you experience the exciting part, you have to go through one hell of a headache – and that is packing.

Yes, packing can be a nightmare especially if you are traveling for a long time. Just the thought of getting all things you need to bring in order will make you wish to stay home and curl up on your bed. And the thought of bringing tons of luggage can be excruciating. But luggage problems do not have complicated and should not hamper your travel plans.

Nowadays, there are couriers that offer luggage delivery service to help solve your problems of bringing luggages. They will simply deliver them on your hotel or anywhere you will be going. All you need to think about is packing, and these tips will help you sort it out.

  1. Create a master list

If you are always on the go, having a master list of what you need to bring would be the best way to start. For one, will lessen the stress of packing when the departure time is near and less likely you will forget something important. List down all the things you need to bring and divide into two – major and minor items. Prepare the major ones first then once you are done, start preparing the minor items. The list should be flexible depending on where you are traveling.

Include a mix and match list on your wardrobe

The reason why most people are having a hard time packing is because they bring a lot of unnecessary clothing.  As much as possible, bring only the clothes you need for the trip. And trip to mix and match your wardrobe so don’t have to bring too much shirt or pants. Plan your wardrobe ahead.

  1. Start packing early

Cramming is usually what gets us stressed when packing. Do not exhaust yourself. Start preparing early. It will not only save you from hassles of cramming but you will still have time to double check and add some items on your luggage.

  1. Go for smart folding and space saving solutions

Bulky luggage is not a sight to behold. Be organized and learn the smart ways of folding your clothes. There are a lot of instructional videos on the Internet to help you on this one. Not only you can save more space, you can also bring more items if needed. You can also go for spacing-saving solutions like Ziplocs and packing cubes to create more space in your luggage.

  1. Confirm with your courier service

If you are going for a door to door courier service, confirm with your service provider a day or two before the trip. Make sure that the pickup time and delivery is important to avoid delays and give the exact location for faster delivery.