Moving Tips You Might Overlook

Moving can be one of the hardest things to do in life. It is both mentally challenging and physically taxing. It can be expensive or be a logistical nightmare. And the change it comes along with can bring about insane amounts of stress and oversentimentality.


Luckily, there are tons of moving hacks, tips, and trick shared in the internet. We can now easily learn from the wisdom (and mistakes!) of everyone who experienced the drama of moving. Even professionals! What I’m about to share to you are some of the little-known or often-forgotten tips I learned from my own personal experience.


  1.     Reduce

Face it. You don’t really need every little thing in your house right now; and you won’t be needing them on your new place. Lighten your load on moving day by getting rid of items you know you can do without.


  1. Sell. Have an old school garage sale! Post on Ebay! You can make quick cash by selling your pre-owned items. This way, not only do you get rid of clutter before moving day, you also make some money!


  1. Give or donate. If you can’t sell some of your stuff for whatever reason, you can just give them away. Pass them on to your loved ones, to your friends. Donate them to a charity, to a non-profit. This way, not only do you get rid of clutter before moving day, you also help other people.


  1. Trash. Some items just can’t be sold, donated, or used anymore. Just trash them. Holding on to them will just give you a heavier load come moving day and give you extra clutter on your new place.


  1. Store. There might be some items you still want to own but also can’t bring to your new place. For these items, a rental storage space is the likely solution. Just read up on more information about storage in Dubai.


  1.     Immediate Needs

Pack a bag or box of your immediate needs. After all the loading and unloading on moving day, you might be too exhausted to immediately unpack every single bag and box for your necessities for the rest of the day. Having a bag or box of your immediate needs will surely help. Pack it with a fresh set of changing clothes, toiletries, some food and water, and the gadgets you might immediately need like your phone, laptop, and chargers. This will help you get some rest before you full-on unpack later that day or tomorrow.


  1.     Label

Label all your boxes! If it contains school supplies, label it “School Supplies”. If it contains things that would go in the baby’s room, simply label it “Baby’s Room.” This will help not only in easily identifying where to find what, but also in knowing where to put the boxes before you unpack.

Numbering your bags and boxes also helps. With this, you can easily keep track if you are missing a box, and easily identify which box it is.


  1.     Hire professionals

As tempting as it is to just do everything yourself, or with friends, it is really better to just hire professional movers, especially if you are moving to a far location and/or are moving large amounts of stuff. For more information, just research on the number of professional movers in Dubai.

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