“Lego is Officially the Largest Tire Manufacturer” and Other Things You Need to Know About Tires

  • Did you know that rubber’s natural colour is not black, but white? Yes, you read it right. Rubber is naturally white in colour. Tire manufacturers add carbon black to rubber to make its colour dark. This method is increasing rubber’s various qualities and prolonging the tires’ life span.


  • The largest tire in the planet can be found in the city called Allen Park in the state of Michigan. The tire, which is 12 tons in weight and 80 feet in height, was first used as a Ferris wheel at the New York’s World Fair in 1964 to 1965. After the fair, the planet’s largest tire was then moved to the city of Allen Park in the year 1966.


  • Because emission rules are now becoming stricter, most manufacturers nowadays are not including spare tires to the new cars they are selling. Car manufacturers try to decrease cars’ weight. So instead of adding a spare tire, they choose to just add a kit for patching and a can of compressed air.


  • The size of the main wheels of a space shuttle are similar to that of an 18-wheeler truck. But compared to truck tires, space shuttle tires are far more powerful. A single tire of a space shuttle can support 142,000 lbs. and is rated for 259 miles per hour.


  • The auto industry is discarding 250+ million tires on a yearly basis. To recycle the tires, there are facilities designed to melt the rubbers to produce asphalt. Others are shredding those rubbers for garden mulch. There are also some car/tire manufacturing companies that are making new tires out of the old ones.


  • Michelin, a French tire manufacturing company headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, is trying a produce a one-piece airless tire and wheel. They plan to call it “tweel”. They say that the tweel, being airless, is offering the possibility of no flat tires and replaceable treads.


As the title of this article mentions, Lego Group is officially the largest manufacturer of tires in the planet. But of course, those are toy tires. Lego, a Danish family-owned toy company headquartered in Denmark, is producing more or less 306 million toy tires each year.


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