All you need to know about wash & laundry service

Have you ever heard this term “Wash & laundry service” before? If not then don’t worry here you are going to discover all about this amazing service.


What is it?

Basically wash and fold laundry service is a very easy method in which the professionals do your laundry. This service is quite in demand and you can find it almost everywhere. Even you can get this laundry in Dubai silicon oasis freezone. This is an amazing service which saves your time and effort.


How does it help you?

It helps you in many ways, there are so many services provides who offer you both laundry pick up and laundry delivery service. So, you don’t need to go out as the laundry person will come at your place.

They take care of the minor details while washing; they take care of the color of your clothes and separate the light and dark ones. After separating the colors the laundry person carefully washes all of your clothes with a very premium quality detergent. If you ask him to use any specific detergent, he will do it for you and if the detergent would be quite expensive then you can pay him extra for this. Then after doing your laundry he will fold or iron your clothes and deliver it to your home

It is not necessary that every laundry service provider picks and deliver your laundry to your place; there are some who don’t provide this service so it is better to ask the service provider, if the has this facility for you.

In Dubai dry cleaning service is very common and you can find a good dry cleaner easily but there are few who provide you the wash & fold laundry services.Mostly the time which they give you for the laundry is 1 business day but yes it depends on the clothes which you have given them. Amount realty matters and there are some fabric which needs extra care, just like silk shirts. So a laundry person can’t treat your silk shirts the way he treats your cotton shirts. Silk shirts needs extra care so the time of laundry which he will give you may be 2-3 days.


Bottom line

The perfect thing for you is to visit the website of different dry cleaning service providers. There you will get to know about everything. All in all it is good to use the dry cleaning services rather than doing everything on your own. You save you time and you can invest it in something productive.

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