Guiding Your Children To Transition From Home Study to School

Every parent looks forward to having their kids go to school. It means that they are now moving towards independence. But as much you want to be excited, your kid might be having a hard time wrapping his head on the thought that they will have to leave home and go to school.

If your kind is having some hesitations and anxiety about going to school, then these might help ease their mind:

  • Give them a reason to be excited


If you are excited for them, make sure that this feeling is translated to your kid. At this time, the still have reluctance probably because they don’t know a thing about their new school. The best thing to do is tell them about the school. Tell them how great the private school in Dubai that you picked for them. Highlight the exciting things about the institution. Be genuine and truthful when you tell them stories about the school. You don’t want them finding out about things that you said are not true when they actually set foot on the school.


  • Take them to the school


Telling them about the school is one thing, but showing it to them is even better. Days before the school starts, make a quick trip with your kid to the school and show them around the institution. The purpose of the trip is to get them familiar with the environment. The more they know, the less they will feel anxious and reluctant on going to school as they now know where to go.


  • Ask them about their concerns


If your kid still feel reluctant, have a talk with him to know his concerns. You have to be patient when dealing with your kid. Some kids open up to their parents quite easily, some do not. Allow them to express what they are feeling and let them know that their feelings are valid. But you also need to address their issues so they will feel more secure when they go to school.


  • Guide them on the first few days


Despite the preps that you did, there is still a chance that your kid might feel some hesitations about going to school. Make them feel secure by driving them to school yourself. A familiar face would ease their mind. But do this for just first few days. Some schools in Qusais Dubai do not encourage parents to stay and wait for their kids since they want the students to be independent inside the institution.

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