First day of school? Here are 4 ways how you can take the stress away!

No matter if your child is going to school for the first time, or is heading back to school, s/he is definitely going to feel a lot of anxiety at all ages. The thing with preschool and kindergarten children is that they both deal with their fears in completely different manners, but what’s common in this case is that of the school being an unknown concept to them. Although we know what the first day of school is going to be like for them, they have no idea what’s going to happen. For instance, they don’t know they will get acquainted with their class fellows, or that they will get to bond with the teacher. This strikes a whole lot more anxiety in them.


As a parent, you would surely want to take away all of your child’s fears related to school, even if he is studying at one of the best primary schools in Dubai. So, to make the first day at school much easier for them, follow these 4 tips on how you can do so:


  1. Taking a classroom tour with your kid is highly recommended

By taking a classroom tour, you will be able to show your kid where s/he will spend a significant part of their day. This is going to help them settle in to a new setting rather easily. The fact of the matter is that children are far more comfortable with things and places that are familiar to them, and there’s a good chance that the classroom will have a few books or toy that they have at home. This way, they will be able to relax much more easily on their first day at school.


  1. Reading books to ease out their jitters can be very helpful

It is highly recommended for you to read out a few books to your kid to help them relax before going to school. A few suggested books are ‘The night before first grade’, ‘The kissing hand’, and ‘First day jitters’.


  1. Get your kid used to school by setting one up at home

Play school with your kid a day before the dreaded first day. For it, you will need to wake your child up early in the morning, get dressed, and have him or her driven around the block. Encourage them to eat a packed lunch, and follow a few rules that will apply on them at school. This is going to help you mark out areas they need help with, while on the other hand, they will understand how much fun going to school can be.


  1. Be prepared to take your child back home

There are times when students just fall apart on their first day at the best American curriculum schools in Dubai, and it is necessary for you to know just when it gets too much for them to handle. When they reach that point, take them back home and help them feel reassured that you will be there for them.

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