“Lego is Officially the Largest Tire Manufacturer” and Other Things You Need to Know About Tires

  • Did you know that rubber’s natural colour is not black, but white? Yes, you read it right. Rubber is naturally white in colour. Tire manufacturers add carbon black to rubber to make its colour dark. This method is increasing rubber’s various qualities and prolonging the tires’ life span.


  • The largest tire in the planet can be found in the city called Allen Park in the state of Michigan. The tire, which is 12 tons in weight and 80 feet in height, was first used as a Ferris wheel at the New York’s World Fair in 1964 to 1965. After the fair, the planet’s largest tire was then moved to the city of Allen Park in the year 1966.


  • Because emission rules are now becoming stricter, most manufacturers nowadays are not including spare tires to the new cars they are selling. Car manufacturers try to decrease cars’ weight. So instead of adding a spare tire, they choose to just add a kit for patching and a can of compressed air.


  • The size of the main wheels of a space shuttle are similar to that of an 18-wheeler truck. But compared to truck tires, space shuttle tires are far more powerful. A single tire of a space shuttle can support 142,000 lbs. and is rated for 259 miles per hour.


  • The auto industry is discarding 250+ million tires on a yearly basis. To recycle the tires, there are facilities designed to melt the rubbers to produce asphalt. Others are shredding those rubbers for garden mulch. There are also some car/tire manufacturing companies that are making new tires out of the old ones.


  • Michelin, a French tire manufacturing company headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, is trying a produce a one-piece airless tire and wheel. They plan to call it “tweel”. They say that the tweel, being airless, is offering the possibility of no flat tires and replaceable treads.


As the title of this article mentions, Lego Group is officially the largest manufacturer of tires in the planet. But of course, those are toy tires. Lego, a Danish family-owned toy company headquartered in Denmark, is producing more or less 306 million toy tires each year.


The Lego Group may be the largest tire manufacturer in the planet but they can’t provide you with the tires you need for your big car or truck. We can! If you are searching for that tire shop Dubai residents prefer, there is no need to search elsewhere. Visit today and learn more about continental tyres in dubai the quality tires we offer.

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Moving House: Things to Do Before Unpacking

It’s one of the most stressful times of your life. Moving from one home to another means packing your stuff and unpacking them in the new location. Before the boxes are put away and the cabinets are filled, you have to survive on the basics. Instead of porcelain plates you might have to make do with paper plates, and plastic cups instead of regular glasses. You might not have unpacked the knives yet, and takeout is the best alternative to a yet-unpacked kitchen.

Before you start taking everything out of their boxes, take the time to do the following:

Deep Clean the House

It’d be so much easier to clean every nook and cranny if there are no furniture pieces or curtains in the way. Do this the first chance you get. That means contacting a duct cleaning dubai provider in Dubai even before you are scheduled to move in. Letting the professionals handle it ensures that everything is cleaned thoroughly and no spot is missed.

Inspect the Electrical Sockets

Before you even try to use the sockets, make sure they are inspected for any problems. The last thing you want is to lose power all around the house because of a short circuit. Yes, this should be part of the previous owner or seller’s job, but you can’t be too sure. This is also one of the things you shouldn’t attempt to do without professional guidance, as meddling with the wirings may cause electrocution. Have an electrician come over to check for any problematic sockets. Replace any busted light bulbs while you’re at it.

Clean the kitchen exhaust

kitchen exhaust cleaning is one of the services offered by cleaning companies because they understand the importance of ducts in good condition. You need to be comfortable in your new home, and that means circulating air through the ducts. Without cleaning them regularly, however, you might be circulating diseases along with the air. Rather than offering comfort, the air conditioning system could be triggering allergies. Don’t let this be an issue in your home. Clean the air ducts, replace air filters, and contact a cleaning company for regular maintenance.

Moving in is stressful, yes, and there are so many tasks you need to tick off your checklist. But it’s better to do it right than regret something later on. When in doubt about your own skills, never hesitate to call in the professionals.

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Boosting Business Using Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a body of approaches, strategies and techniques utilized to improve website traffic and to place high in the search results page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. If you have an online business, it isn’t difficult to understand why your website would need SEO. If you have a local brick-and-mortar business, you may wonder, however, if you need local SEO to stay competitive.

Understanding Local SEO

If your business is a big, local success, you may doubt whether it’s possible to make it even more successful. In this age of growing dependence on cellular phones, tablets, computers, and the Internet, the extent to which these telecommunication advances are influencing business is staggering. You would not want your success diminished simply because you failed to understand the significance of local SEO.

Like SEO, it is a process that’s meant to increase your website traffic. In local SEO, the increase in the traffic or search ranking is coming from high local searches. In 2014, it has been documented that over 33 percent of searches were local.  The statistics have grown to over 60 percent in 2015. It continues to increase by the day and experts predict that it would be a central strategy, spelling business success or disaster in 2017.

Making Local SEO Work for You

Jumping on the bandwagon could be the easiest thing to do if it all boils down to succeeding or failing. It is important to know, though, how local SEO can make your business ranking high in the search engines. For instance, you should have a website that’s properly optimized  – a domain name that correctly describes the  nature of business and location, with keywords smartly used throughout the pages, contact information and landmarks, and updated info about your products and offerings.

It would be worthwhile to get your business listed in local directories or to take advantage of the “link strategy,” such as the “share,” “like,” and “follow” features of the social media. Be wary, however, that you don’t link with a business that has a bad reputation.  Similarly, take an active interest in getting feedback to improve your products or services. One way is through using online consumer reviews.

Staying in the Game

Billions of people use the Web to find the products and services they need. If used properly, the Internet can help you reach a lot of potential customers. When your business is local, you don’t need everyone, but you need enough to succeed. Establishing a strong online presence in the area where your business operates is important – this is what local SEO can deliver.

Using local SEO, you can update your clients and potential market about a lot of things concerning your services or products, the innovations, promotions, etc. Your website can communicate and engage the target market, using blogs, videos, and other forms of content. With the growth of mobile phones and wearable communication gadgets, expect local SEO to rule. To stay on the curve, invest in local SEO – the next big thing for your business in 2017 and beyond.


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