Braces is one of the most popular dental cosmetic procedure that helps on fixing overbites and promote proper teeth alignment.  Aside from its obvious benefits, this procedure is also affordable.  In fact, dental practitioners offer cheapest braces in Dubai in order to accommodate everyone who has problems on overbites.

But having one means that you need to disregard oral health. In fact, a special care is needed to ensure that your braces are on top-notch condition and make sure your braces work their magic to fix your teeth. Read on these tips to know the proper way of taking care of your braces.


  1. Watch you food intake

Once you have your braces, there will be limitations on your food intake.  Try to avoid food and dishes that are hard to chew. This might cause breakage on the wires and the food debris might get stuck in between or behind the wires. Soft food that are easy to chew is advisable, especially after the first week of having them. Opt for mashed food until you get use to chewing.

It is also not advisable to eat or drink food and liquids that can cause staining and discoloration. Sugary food should be limited as well as it might cause plaque.

  1. Brush properly

Now that you have braces, your brushing habit might need to adjust. Be sure not to mess with the wires and take out the elastics before you start. You can ask your dentist on proper way of brushing, especially now that you have braces. And do not forget to ask for the kind of toothbrush that is appropriate for dental patients with braces.

  1. Floss the right way

Flossing can be tricky for those who have braces. The trick here that you need to remember is you need to thread the string carefully between the teeth and the braces wire. Do it with caution. Too much force can cause your braces to break.

  1. Change bands on a regular basis

Bands are used to help on adjusting the bite and jaw position. Your orthodontist might or might not give you bands depending on the condition of your bite. But if your orthodontist tells you need one, heed his advice as it might help you to lessen the duration of wearing a brace. Be sure to change them regularly as well.

  1. Wear other protective gears

If you are into contact sports, it would be best to wear customized mouth guards during the game. This will help protect your braces and teeth from possible damage brought by pressure during a game or practice.

And if the braces brackets and wire breaks or comes loose, seek the help of your orthodontist. Click Here klinika.ae for more dental advice.

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In search of a qualified orthodontist to get dental implants?

Are you in search of a highly-qualified orthodontist to get dental implants? Then why are you waiting for the right time to come? Go ahead, consult people, and look around yourself so that you get some idea of highly qualified orthodontist near you.

It extremely important for you to find the right doctor for you. Whether you are going to be treated or any of your family members, they should be one of those highly qualified orthodontist because he or she is going to work on you to get you a better smile and teeth. It’s such an important matter that it must never be overlooked. You may take help from your friends, neighbours or their parents and find out why they prefer that doctor to get dental implants in Dubai from. How do they provide their services? How much do they charge? And why they didn’t choose any one else other than that particular one? By just asking a lot of questions you will be able to know their experience which will help you in decision making.
A few other considerations

Always choose orthodontists within your insurer’s network as orthodontics are way too expensive for most of the people out there. Some of the insurance companies have strict limitations when it comes to orthodontists.

Do check out for the doctor by yourself. Are you fully satisfied with the services he provides? How much time will they give you while treating you? He must have required education, and must specialize in his field as well. It is necessary for them to be done with their post graduate training and other courses.

Before starting your treatment always take an appointment from the doctor to tell them your needs and ask them about their treatment process, what would be the charges, how long will it take place and every important question that comes to your mind. Make sure that the doctor is successful in answering each of your questions and also let him ask you different types of questions so that it adds to his knowledge as to what type of treatment you are looking for. If you are not satisfied with the doctor then don’t be in a hurry – take time and think because you are going to spend years with him fixing your teeth and smile. For more information in this regard, go to website to find the best orthodontist for yourself.

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Finding the best neurologists in Dubai

Discovering an excellent neurologist is something really very hard – for some, it basically becomes impossible! Now, when you set out to find neurologists in Dubai, the vital factor that you need to be sure of is that you do not base your decision on costs alone. The second factor that you need to look beyond is that of the buzz and hype that is at times prevalent with regards to the services offered by some of the best neurologist in Dubai. This particularly holds true in cases where you need to seek treatment for longer periods of time.

So how should you go about looking for a neurologist? Here’s a look into a few steps that will help you out for sure:

Get referrals

Before anything else, it is necessary for you to acquire referrals. These can be acquired from your friends and family members and even your colleagues. All you need to do is just ask around and they will provide you with information about the neurologists that they know of. The best part about acquiring referrals is that these will come from people you know on a very personal level. What this means is that these referrals will be provided to you by people who you actually trust.

Get in touch

Once you have a few referrals in hand, the next thing for you to do is get in touch with the neurologists’ clinics. From here, it will be possible for you to confirm as to whether you will be comfortable in seeking treatment from them or not. Apart from that, you will also be able to find out the costs that will be involved in getting treated by the said neurologist. This also holds true in cases where you want to seek the services of an expert in marriage counselling in Dubai. This will help you confirm that you can afford the said professional counsellor or neurologist.

When you start looking for the right neurologist in Dubai, you actually need to be sure that you pay due interest to his or her credentials. Look out for local neurologists who are known in their area and provide the best treatment facilities at the best costs around!

As long as you follow the steps mentioned above, it will be easily possible for you to find out some of the best neurologists and marriage counsellors in Dubai. Good luck with your search!

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Knowing the Basics about Same Day Dental Implants

Dental implants are composed of titanium posts or screws which are surgically placed into a healthy jawbone. These titanium parts serve as the foundation on which the dental crowns (replacement teeth) will be placed.

Why choose dental implants?

Same day dental implants are highly recommended for people who have permanently lost their teeth. Dental implants are the ideal replacement for teeth that have been totally lost, partially broken, or chipped. These are also a practical solution for yellowed or darkened teeth that can no longer be treated by teeth whitening procedures. For people who want a permanent replacement for their teeth, dental implants are recommended. Unlike bridges, they are non-removable and patients don’t need to worry about their teeth falling off.

Benefits of dental implants:

  • Dental implants are designed to look like natural teeth. Your dentist will examine the natural color and size of your existing teeth, and will use this as basis for how your dental implants will appear. As such, barely nobody will notice that you have undergone the procedure!
  • These implants function like normal teeth, so patients can eat or drink like they normally do. And unlike with dental bridges, you don’t have to remove them to clean them. You can brush your teeth like usual.
  • Dental implants are a permanent solution for tooth loss. You don’t have to get them replaced every now and then. These are extremely durable and can last for a lifetime with proper care.

Dental Implant Procedure

The procedure begins with a consultation. Your dentist will examine your oral condition to find out if this procedure is suitable for you. Particular attention will be given to your jawbone – it should be healthy enough to hold the titanium posts. If you have been given the green light, you will be scheduled for the initial procedure. During the initial surgery, the screws will be surgically installed into your jawbone. You will be given a few weeks to recuperate before the dental crowns are placed. This recovery period allows your jawbone to heal first and accommodate the titanium posts.


Because dental implants are made to look and function like normal teeth, they require the same basic oral care and maintenance. Make sure to brush your implants regularly to remove tartar and plaque. Smokers are strongly advised to quit smoking, as this can cause the jawbone to deteriorate, making it unable to securely hold the titanium posts. Better avoid chewing hard food such as candy and ice as these may damage both your implants and natural teeth. Even if you have new permanent teeth, be sure to visit your dentist regularly. To know more about same day dental implants, visit this website.

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