Choosing the Right Architect for your Business Space

Every business owner dreams of having their own commercial space wherein employees and clients can feel comfortable and at home. The easiest way to buy or rent a ready-made space, but this kind of space solutions has their limitations. Since it is ready-made, you have little room to implement the design that you want.

But building one is no easy feat either. That is why having a trusted engineering consultants in UAE that will help you build your dream workspace is important. Read on these tips if you are scouting for one.

  1. Credible Portfolio

Of course, having a credible portfolio is on top of the list when you are looking for an architectural and/or engineering firm. UAE architecture firms should present the projects that they have done and the specifics of that projects. From the portfolio, you can judge which of the firm is suitable for your business and taste. Do not be afraid to ask questions about their work and get references if necessary.

  1. Knows the law

In some places, there are certain restrictions being implemented when building a commercial space. Architectural and engineering firms should be aware of these laws and have a workaround on how they can adjust their building plans. A firm that follows the law shows an outstanding working and building etiquette.

  1. Professional attitude

Bringing in professionals requires a lot of risk on your part, especially if it is the first time you will be working together, so having the right attitude towards work is a must. Get a team that is collaborative and open-minded.  Your “building team” should be open to suggestions but also not afraid to share their ideas and recommendations. They also should be transparent on what is going on with the project.

  1. Timeline-oriented

In building a space, time is of the essence. Delays in the project can cost money. Hire a team that is deadline and timeline-oriented.  If you are still on the bidding stage, ask your potential contractors for the estimated timeline. They should be able to give you a rough estimate of when the project will be finished based on the initial specs that you give. Once you proceed, ask for specific timelines.

  1. Fees and other expenses

While you are in the bidding stage, ask for cost estimates and the fees. As mentioned earlier, transparency is crucial, especially if you are talking about money. Ask your contractors for an cost estimate as well and be open on the money you are willing to spend to make the project happen. From there, you can judge how a team will approach the project given the budget that you have without sacrificing the quality of the space.

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Elegant Kitchen Design Ideas for Homemakers

As the popular saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where you prepare meals for yourself, or for the whole family. Though it is very functional, it does not mean the kitchen should look drab and boring. Here are some simple design ideas that can transform your kitchen from drab to fab, without making a big dent on your budget.


Invest in a kitchen backsplash

A backsplash can serve as a focal point or a design statement of your kitchen. Make sure to get its design right so it won’t be a waste. The good thing is backsplashes are generally affordable. They only cover minimal kitchen space so they don’t require a lot of materials to finish.

Choose a sophisticated color scheme

Color plays a huge factor in the overall design of a kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen look elegant and more expensive than it really is, consult kitchen designers in Dubai to guide you in choosing a color scheme. The latest trends include matte-finished appliances and furniture, as well as brass accents on cabinet handles and fixtures. Light colors effectively brighten up a space and make it look bigger. If you are going for bold colors, be sure to not overdo it and balance it well with neutral tones.

Pay attention to accents and details

As most interior designers in Dubai would say, it’s all about the “details, details, and details!” Little touch-ups here and there make a difference in the overall aesthetic design of a space. Whether it’s a single slender vase on the kitchen counter top, or an eye-catching artwork on the wall, it can help transform the kitchen into a truly sophisticated living space.

Get the lighting right   

If possible, splurge on designer lighting or have them custom-made. When it comes to lighting fixtures in the kitchen, however, make sure one will be the focal point. The others should complement or accentuate this primary lighting fixture. So, be sure you have spectacular lighting fixtures in place, either on the ceiling, above the sink, or above the kitchen island.

Turn your eyes on the flooring

The floorboards of your kitchen also have the potential to be the star of this living space. Opt for posh designs and compositions when it comes to flooring, whether you are getting wood, tiles, marble, or granite. If you want the floor to be striking, choose one with an attractive design or pattern. If you want it to complement the entire kitchen, you can choose plain ones that do not necessarily look boring, but instead enhance the aesthetics of the whole space.

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Tips to get the best studio apartment interior design in Bangalore

One of the biggest problems that people face these days is that of having limited space around their homes. This particularly holds true for those who live in studio apartments. If anything, this problem can literally boggle those living in apartment units.

So is there any way at all for you to spruce things up around your studio apartment and give it a more relaxed, comfortable and inviting appeal? Of course there is. By following the right apartment interior designing tips, there is so much you can do around your place to make it more spacious and appealing. Here’s a look into a few of them:

Don’t overcrowd your apartment

Before anything else, make sure that you only bring in things that are utterly necessary for you. You need to ensure that your home does not have a cluttered or crowded appearance. Studio apartments already have limited space and cluttering yours up is definitely not the best idea. For this reason, the first apartment interior design Bangalore tip is for you to bring in only what is absolutely required. The lesser the things around your place, the lesser the clutter and space issues.

Choosing a theme is a must

When decorating your studio apartment, it is necessary for you to choose an overall theme for it. There are quite a few themes and styles for you to choose from. These include:

  • Modern
  • Mediterranean
  • Contemporary
  • Art etc.

When you choose a theme for your home studio, it will be easier for you to figure out the paint colors that you wish to use. Apart from that, you will also be able to decide the accessories you want to add to your apartment according to the theme that you want to follow. The best part about following a theme is that it will initiate a proper flow all through the apartment. However, make sure that you don’t overdo the design as it will only end up complicating things. In apartments with limited spaces, it is best to keep things simple.

Add lights to divided spaces

You can use dividers around your studio apartment to create sections. But what you need to remember is that these sections need to have proper lighting as well. Most importantly, proper lighting can also help give your apartment look more spacious.

Interested in hiring a professional interior designing company to decorate your apartment? Visit now!

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