Ways to boost your sales activities with ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is considered to be one of the finest business tools in today’s world and not just a standard. The benefits go way beyond quality management, such as lean production, cost reduction, customer retention etc. and most importantly a boost in sales!

How is ISO 9001:2015 even relevant to my sales team?

This is something you would definitely question yourself. So, if you analyze and compare the last year performance of your sales team with your knowledge of the standard (through ISO lead auditor course), then it will not be difficult for you to answer the question above. Does your business have a standard methodology or strategy of retaining customers? Did your sales team lose one of its customers last year? Do you have any relationship management policies? There are many questions related to your sales team which you can answer and understand that you constantly have some room of improvement in your sales team.

So, let’s learn here how this standard can help you in continuous improvement:

  • Standardizing processes: Standardizing your processes using ISO 9001:2015 can offer you a great opportunity to understand your work and make changes for improvement. The “process approach” can also assist you in integrating your process and going towards lean management with a chance for your sales team to share common strategies.
  • Using customer feedback for improvement: ISO 9001:2015 can assist you in developing closer bond with your customers. Therefore, working on consistent customer feedback cannot only help you in achieving customer satisfaction but also help in encouraging constant communication and close ties with your clientele base.
  • Developing strong corrective mechanisms: In case of any kind of mistake made, this standard assists you in the development of corrective mechanisms, by identifying the root cause, getting rid of it and not repeating it again. During incidents like dealing with an incorrect shipment or an angry customer, effective corrective mechanisms can be extremely crucial to the sales as well as the overall business performance.
  • Developing robust review and monitoring processes: Just like a sales environment, accuracy in monitoring and review is an essential element of the standard. Using certain KPI’s or key performance indicators developed by the stakeholders involved and with the input of relevant top management can help the sales team to be accurately monitored and reviewed, providing a solid foundation for enhancement initiatives.
  • Risk management: This being a crucial part of the standard can provide a strong base for your sales team in order to make decision taking into account the prevalent risks at that time, in the market.
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3 reasons why attending management training is a step in the right direction

You must have heard a lot about management training courses in UAE, but have you actually tried appearing in one? If you did, then you might have a fair bit of idea on what this training is all about. The name suggests that this training is meant to develop, and train managers of the future. In other words, the training will shape the management team for a specific organization. In the hindsight, this approach suggests that managers are not always born, but people can be trained to become managers. It is a practice that has been used for many years now. Management training comes with its own benefits. All the participants of the program carry equal chance to become managers of tomorrow. As a participant, it is a must that you show interest and zeal to make the most of this program. Your aim of becoming a manager will be met at some point in time, and this program will take you closer to your career goal.

Enhances decision making power

There is no denying the fact that decision making is not as easy as some may think. A slight miscalculation may result in a huge loss. The manager has to take caution when taking a decision that may have far-reaching implications. This training program will turn you into a manager who knows what decision to take and when. It is likely that the training will help you become a proficient manager too.

Improves productivity

A manager is the leader of the team, who has the ability to either influence them. He can influence them to achieve desired results, and hence he has the ability to make them work harder. Motivation is an important aspect of leadership, and no one, but the manager has the power to motivate them to the extent that they will achieve the target happily.

Nurtures and retains the talent

Truth to be told, no manager would like to see talented employees leave. Losing such employees is a huge loss for both, but it is equally true that employees don’t leave the company, rather they quit the managers who mishandle them. A quality manager understands the importance of talented employees, which is why he never wants them to leave the company. Instead, he would look forward to utilizing their talent more than ever.

He will even send them to the best training centers in Dubai to see them becoming refined leaders of tomorrow for the company.

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How hiring a nanny can benefit working mothers

In this day and age, we all would agree it is essential for both men and women to step out of the house that for acquiring financial stability. Specifically, when you belong to a middle-class family then, it is the primary duty of each and every member of the house to contribute to fulfilling the requirements and needs of the house. Despite all odds, women in this era are more likely to step out of the house for providing better future for their children. However, being a mother and a working professional at the same time is a bit of challenging for all women. For working women, taking care of the kids and performing the day to day house chores is not only daunting and challenging, but it is equally demanding also. On this account, it would be appropriate to say that working mothers are more likely to have two jobs. Besides the regular job, another more demanding job of working moms is to take care of the house and the kids.

You might know that the stress of leaving children at home neither allow women to work properly at their workplace nor it enables them to put their heart and soul in their task. However, the facility of hiring British nanny Dubai is the most helpful thing for almost all working mothers. The presence of nanny in the house, on one hand, gives a sense of relief to mothers while on another hand it reduces work burden from their minds. Therefore, all the new mothers must focus on hiring a nanny instead of working day and night by themselves. There are multiple maid services that provide house helpers and nannies at affordable rates. However, some of the most effective for hiring a nanny is mentioned in this article. Thus, we can say that hiring a nanny actually gives a sense of relief to mothers in a great way.

Reduces burden:

New moms have already multiple things going on in their minds. On one hand, they are concerned about the health of their baby while on another hand they strive hard to keep their health on track. However, in such situations, a helping hand is not less than a blessing for all the new moms. Thus, every woman who has delivered a baby recently must look forward to hiring a nurse in Dubai for providing the best care to the child.

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Positive effects of using a medicated mattress

Getting enough sleep is the requirement of the body, and it is also essential for the better performance of the brain. People often claim that they are unable to concentrate and focus while working because of feeling tired and fatigued. Every person has a different reason for the inactive state of mind; however, the lack of proper sleep is one of the most common reasons for having a perplexed and stressed mind. We are unaware of the ways in which sleep can contribute to making our mind active and energetic. Therefore, having a proper sleep at night should be our first priority in order to stay active and energetic while working.


There are various underlying reasons for suffering from chronic insomnia; however, psychiatric conditions are extremely common for causing sleep deprivation in people. Nevertheless, one of the common causes of insomnia in people is the availability of proper sleeping space. A comfortable sleeping space and mattress is extremely important for having a better sleep; however, people don’t realize the significance of sleeping mattress because they don’t think that it plays a substantial role in improving the quality of sleep. People rely on the best mattress Dubai for having a better quality of sleep.


However, the availability of medicated mattress has various problems of people. There are innumerable benefits of sleeping on a medicated mattress. For this reason, the majority of psychologists recommend people to sleep on a medicated mattress. Some of the positive impacts of sleeping on a medicated mattress are mentioned below. After knowing the benefits of the medicated mattress, you will certainly look forward to improving the quality of sleep bu buying a medicated mattress.


Support spine alignment:

Sometimes the unnecessary gaps present in an old mattress do not allow us to straighten our back while sleeping. Since keeping the spine straight is necessary while sleeping; thus, we must prefer sleeping on a mattress that allows us to keep our back straight while sleeping. It will not only allow us to have a better sleep but also cause a positive impact on our muscles and bones.


Prevents and relieves muscle pain:

Waking up to stiff and hard muscles is pretty common for the majority of us. We think that our wrong sleeping position is the cause of muscle-pain; however, the truth of the matter is that sleeping on the old mattress is the major cause of achy muscles. Thus, we must use a medicated mattress Dubai in order to prevent and relieve muscle pain.

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Things that lead to a pest infestation at our houses

Is your house surrounded, fenced, and under siege from creepy and repulsive creatures? If it is, then you must be in a terrible state because these creatures are unstoppable and grow rapidly. On this account, we can surely say that controlling the growth and production of insects is the most challenging and daunting task for individuals. Therefore, the moment we notice any sign or symptom of the presence of pests and insects in the house we must take strong action immediately. However, those people who contact pest control company in Sharjah at the right time are less likely to have pests in the house. Therefore, it is extremely important for all of us to keep a discerning and hawk eye on the growth of pests in the house.

However, taking preventive measures can also play a substantial role in preventing the growth of pests in the house. Yet sometimes, despite taking all the preventive measures people don’t get successful in inhibiting or stopping the growth of insects and pests. Hence, collecting the information related to the causes of pests is the most important and basic thing that we must do for preventing the growth of these gross and creepy creatures.

There are innumerable things that invite pests into the house. Additionally, there are various things that we do on a regular basis that triggers the growth of insects in our living place. However, knowing about all the things that favor as well as encourages the growth of pests in our places can play a significant role in keeping the house pest-free to a great extent. However, for the purpose of informing people about the causes of pest problems in our places, we have enlisted some basic things that encourage the growth of pests and insects.

Cracked walls and floor:

Cracked walls and floors not only give a place to insects to hide but also allows them to make their colonies in the cracks and holes present in the wall and floor of the house. Therefore, we must seal all the places where pests and insects can find space to hide for breeding and reproducing.

Open food items:

Food items present outside the jar or the container invite various insects in the house. Therefore, we must never keep food in an open space in order to prevent the growth of insects and pests in the house. Additionally, you can also look forward to home fumigation Dubai for exterminating pests from the house.

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Establishing your business in Dubai – Read this first


There is no denying the fact that Dubai has become one of the most popular business destinations in the world in a very short period of time. As a pioneer in encouraging foreign investors among the seven Emirates of UAE, Dubai government took a number of steps that helped the Emirate to diversify its economy by attracting international investors in many different sectors.

With unmatched facilities and highly favorable conditions for businesses, it did not take long for Dubai to become one of the most important business centers of Middle East. This is the reason that today you will find regional offices of countless international organizations in Dubai. Yes, Dubai was also one of those markets that faced huge impacts of global economic crises in year 2008. However, with quick corrective measures and sensible financial policies, Dubai successfully recovered its economy from the onsets of global recession. In addition to that by winning the bid for hosting Expo 2020 Dubai reassured its commitment and determination to provide exceptional business opportunities to foreign investors so that that can make more investments in its market successfully. This is the reason that there are more international investors interested in starting a business in Dubai today than ever before.

It truth be told, you can reap a number of benefits by opting for Dubai to expand your business in MENA region or starting a new business setup. One of the first and most important advantages of doing business in Dubai is that you will enjoy doing business in a stable economy. Dubai ranks high in the list of countries with better purchasing power which will help in the speedy growth of your business. Moreover, business friendly policies and strong political and business environment will provide you a peace of mind to operate your business smoothly. How can we forget to mention low tax rates that help businesses achieve their business goals effectively.

In case, you are interested in offshore company registration in Dubai, then you will be very glad to hear that Dubai government has established a number of industry based Free Trade Zones in the Emirate for international investors who want to expand their business in different countries. These free zones are not only duty free zones but also offer unmatched facilities and tax relaxations that you will not find in any other market of the region.



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