Why Should You Prefer Studios over One-Bedrooms For Renting

If you are struggling between whether to go check out that studio for rent in Business Bay or that one-bedroom unit your friend has been telling you about, experts think that studio apartments are a far more appealing choice, since  they are more economical in terms of space and money. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a studio for rent over a one-bedroom unit:
Save up on Rent

Believe it or not, a studio will cost you much less than renting out a one-bedroom unit, and this is the top-most reason that most people these days are inclining towards a studio rental. If you are on a shoe string budget, studio apartments are the perfect deal for you.

Save Up On Electricity

Keeping the unit warm in winters and cool during the summers is going to consume much less energy in the small condensed space of a studio rental than a one-bedroom apartment. Your electricity bill will be automatically cut down significantly, much like your rent. If you look hard enough, you can even stumble upon efficiency studio apartments where all the utilities are already included in your rent. It’s much easier to prepare a monthly budget when you only have to contend with signing one check to cover all your living expenses.


Much less Space to Furnish

Living in a one-bedroom unit all by yourself entails having to deck out the space on your own and it can be rather heavy on the pocket to furnish an entire apartment. On the other hand, there isn’t room for much embellishment in a studio rental, where a few key pieces such as a table, a small love seat, a desk, and a bed should more than suffice to fill up the space. If you decide to forgo furnishing at your end altogether, you can even look for furnished studio apartments according to your budget.

Much less Space to Clean

If you want fewer surfaces to keep in an immaculate condition, less square footage is what you need. Studio apartments are perfect for a minimalistic lifestyle as there’s not much room for clutter in a studio. Since small spaces need you to stay organized, moving into a studio apartment is a great way to streamline your belongings and simplify your life.

Be Able to Get Out More

While studio apartments would start to feel claustrophobic if you decide to become a hermit, this drawback could be a nice perk for people who are perpetually on the go. If you only need to rent out an apartment to have a place to sleep at night and store your belongings in, then you have every valid reason for renting out a studio apartment. Go to websites of dealers to check out the best studio apartments in your vicinity before they sell out.

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Why Abu Dhabi Is A Mecca Of Trade and Business

Dubai and Abu Dhabi is known not only for its amazing tourism program but also for its thriving economy and booming business industry. A lot of business owners are looking forward setting up their business on these locations due to the advantages these business mecca provides.

If you are looking for a new location to start your business, here are some reasons why Dubai and Abu Dhabi should be your next choice:


  • Support of the government

One of the main reasons why a lot of people are very much willing to setup new business in Dubai or any other business district in Abu Dhabi is because of the support from the government that business owners enjoy. The business community enjoys a number of benefits from the government as a reward for bringing in their investment in the district.


Moreover, would-be business owners, both foreign and local, can set up a business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi easily as there are a number of company formation and structures that allows leniency in starting a business.


But make no mistake, government agencies are also quite strict in monitoring business and inspection is done regularly to ensure that business are following the standards set by the government.


  • Can start with a low capital

Capital has always been a problem of would-be entrepreneurs. Some locations or countries require startup business to shell out big capital before their business will be approved. But Abu Dhabi business laws are quite relaxed when it comes to business capitals. Which is why aspiring business owners are encourage to start their business even in a tight budget.


  • Physical security

It is quite hard to do business in a place where security is a big problem. Business owners doing trade on this kind of location are always unsure of their and their customers’ safety. Every day is a day of uncertainly.


But in Dubai, this is hardly a problem. Dubai is known as one of the safest city in the world. Dubai and Abu Dhabi enforce strict laws when it comes to safety. Moreover, the citizens are disciplined and follow the law to a letter.


  • Great logistics and infrastructures

Dubai and Abu Dhabi is not only known for its architectural prowess but is it also recognized for its amazing logistics and transportation system. Traffic are a rarity in this place and there are airports situated in strategic locations which makes it great for shipment, business, and trading.


  • Purchasing power is high

What the business owners enjoy in Abu Dhabi is that the citizens are not afraid to spend money on products and services. Moreover, foreign nationalities also see Abu Dhabi and Dubai as a shopping mecca which adds to the purchase rating of these amazing location.


Learn how to register a company in Abu Dhabi on this page.

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